Psalm 48:9

Within your temple, O God, we meditate on your unfailing love.


Unfailing love.

Science, philosophy, religion, psychology – they all agree. The treasured human ultimate goal. Nothing else trumps this – we are always looking for more love.

Did we read Unfailing love? Wait a minute!Love that NEVER fails? Ever? Stop.

What about…

Traffic jams. Break ups. Betrayals. Religion. Money. Sex. Social media. School. Friends. Church. Family. Food. Politics. Disease. Gossip. Sports. Porn. Abuse.

Never? Still he NEVER FAILS!? Shut the front door!

Can you point me to any other person, place, or thing which can make such a claim? And back it up?

Me neither!


Learn more about this incredible source of UNFAILING LOVE – Jesus.


1. Read the bible DAILY. NIV and NEW AMERICAN STANDARD are good versions. See

2. Pray on your knees daily. it’s humbling and quite wonderful

3. Share your experience. Your story is needed. Jesus will use you to share Him. And rock your world.

I dare you!

Remember , according to all the science, bible, and psychology – You’re chasing Jesus anyway – – Think about it.


Father I’m daring me too. Everyday, read your word. Talk to you intimately.

Jesus why would I not want this connection with the only source and person who claims and proves he’s the only source of unfailing love? Thank you Jesus. In your name I pray – amen.

-James Smith